Monday, November 18, 2013

Re-establishing pack leadership

What a great week I had last week. I never knew working on chores and errands could be so fun. I'm loving this new domesticity.
Today I've been reflecting on a relationship I must nurture a bit more: my relationship with Radar.

He's a beautiful friend I tell you. He gets so exited when I come home and always wants to be on our side. He's the most loyal companion you can ever imagine. If you have a dog, and especially if that dog is a German Shepherd, you know what I'm talking about.

 He watches our chickens in the evenings, even from our other dog Shatzi. His bark is the loudest of all dogs I believe, and all the creatures in these woods are very familiar with it. He scares away the rabbits who come to the green house uninvited, and overall, he makes sure everyone is safe around here. His sense of pack is quite delightful.

But there's just one thing Radar has entitled himself to be. He is the pack leader, in his mind. You got to love the guy, he's super cuddly and all (and he'll lick Matia's face whenever I turn around), but sometimes it can be tricky for him to be nice to other threatening males, including Mr. O. Or to not knock you over to be the first one getting out the door. 

 The guy is in need of some discipline, daily migrations with the pack and the unconditional love we always give him. That's all he needs. Plus food of course. And I'm ready to take on this project once again.

 Do you have dogs at home? How do you re-establish your pack's leadership? Is your loyal friend ever not nice to you sometimes? We know it's not their fault, that's why today I celebrate Radar no matter what!

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  1. Calliope is a real pack leader! I kid, I don't think I've met a less dominant dog in my life. She gets pushed around by everyone. Franki has always been pretty good about respecting me, she certainly has no illusions about being the boss over any humans--though she does try to be in charge of other dogs which gets her in trouble. Both have their issues for sure, but I think they tend to stem from insecurities rather than dominance illusions. Radar is definitely a go get-em boy, Franki and Calliope are both "bark and sound vicious while backing away" type of dogs, which means if they get cornered it is no good :\