Tuesday, November 5, 2013

October Recap

Since I'm the main photographer of this blog, you'll mainly see the faces of Mr. O. and The Zucchinni. Which I'm sure you're loving by now, since you see them like every other day here. Maybe I'll start posting more pictures of me, so you get the full picture in this story. But anyways, here it is, October's recap. This is how we filled our days this month. 
We are getting ready for the season, and the Mountain (Mt. Baker, in case you were curious) is calling us. Ski swap rocked for that. 

The yurt was put up. This was a highlight for sure and we can't wait to move in. Next steps: putting the windows up, figuring out water and electricity and the actual moving. 

We went on little road trips around here, and observed and admire Along the Farmland. Check it out here, if you wish. 

Loving fall time, just like everybody else!

I had my first date... with myself, since Matia Zucchini is in the picture, so I went on the art walk, and entered a very interesting and HUGE second hand bookstore in town, and got myself some readings. I've especially been enjoying "The Cat's Pajamas" by Duffus. 

 Oh, and I've been also having dates with this guy, Radar. He loves running... all.day.long. So whenever we cross each others pass, I would just run with him: to the garden, back to the house, to the yurt spot, or even to the lake. Running, running, running. Isn't that dogs favorite thing to do? or maybe sneaking on your bed all muddy after a full day of running?

And of course, I couldn't forget, The Zucchi had his first Halloween party. Can you guess what he is dressed as?

                                                                      Welcome November!


  1. Which book store is that? I'm always surprised when I walk into one of them (I can never remember if it's Henderson's or Michael's until I'm inside) how much bigger it is once you get in than it looks when you first walk in. They're both pretty huge.

  2. Henderson's! I know, from the outside seems just like a regular store, and then you get in and it's a labyrinth of books.