Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dig a Ditch

The other day I went down to the site to help out digging the ditch, where water is going to be running from the well to the yurt. Mr. O. had been working on it for a few days by then, so I thought I'd give him a hand. I had no idea that digging a ditch could be so hard!

I got down there, with a shovel, and realized how difficult it was for me to scoop any dirt out. I couldn't help but wonder how on Earth Mr. O and his brother had been digging this ditch for the last week, almost every day, and they still had energy to do other things afterwards.

So after 20 minutes of trying to get some dirt out of the ground, I decided to be more useful, and went along the ditch and clipped all the roots that were in the way for them to continue digging.

We are learning how building your own place is a lot of work.

There's Mr. O. and The Zucchini digging and digging. 

Tomorrow I'm putting my boots on and go dig some more. Maybe this time it'll get better at it


  1. I have also had this experience when trying to use shovels. They are more difficult tools to master than they look.

  2. indeed! the second time I tried, I was so much better, though. Practice, and patience, that's all there is.