Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Meet Chicko!

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This is Chicko! He is our rooster, the protector and lover of our ladies, the hens. Chicko has made it almost a year in our family, and we love him so much. Thanks to him, we have had 0 hen deaths from predators from around the property this year.

He chases the ladies so they move quickly under a safe spot to keep them away from the sight of eagles, hawks and ravens that love visiting us every day. He lets the ladies eat first and is always watching the flock as to make sure everyone's safe.

He has a little tic on one of his feet, he shakes it every once in a while. Who could judge his neurotic tendencies, having to take care of 5 free spirit hens, all having their own needs. You or I would probably develop some sort of nervousness given this type of job. Nevertheless, he is a great husband to all of them, but he chose one of them to be his inseparable companion. We call her The Wife. She enjoys that title very much.

Since he has such an important role in this story, I've decided to give him a prime spot here. I know he appreciates it. Even though he likes to give me that look whenever I'm trying to draw him or make a picture of him, I love him anyways.
Enjoy Chicko!

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