Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy Month #2

Happy month #2 dear Matia Zucchinni!

You got your firsts serenades and music lessons, or that's how we like to call our Witching Hour soothing techniques. This month, music worked like a charm.

Your 0-3 month clothes don't fit no more, but thank god your knitted booties still fit, you definitely look mighty cute.

You came along on our little road trips an adventures. You saw cows for the very first time, and they saw you; they probably thought you were a tiny piglet.

 You saw the rise of our yurt. Yes, you actually saw other things this month besides my boobs. Yay!

And you slept like a champ. We appreciated the 3 hours at a time sleeping chunks at night.

 You were loved and held by a bunch of people, you got your first cold, and played games with us. First big laughs and hugs; first words (baby words, of course). First enjoyable baths and more.
 I'm exited to share more new things with you as we become best friends. What an awesome guy you are!
Oh, and you grew out of your acid reflux!!!


  1. That first picture is forever going to be my favorite. What a sweet post :)

  2. Thanks Steph! that's my favorite one too.

  3. AND MINE TOO!!!:.. Adorable, adorable, truly adorable post!...
    I AM SO HAPPY TO HEAR HE GREW OUT OF THE ACID REFLUX!!:.. AMAZING AND WONDERFUL NEWS! We have to skype soon... Tell me when it´s good for you!
    I love you ALL!! <3

    1. I'm so happy about the acid reflux too! I almost forgot to mention that, which was a big deal in the first month. Everything changes, which is actually a favorable thing in this case :)