Monday, November 11, 2013

Busy Hands

These days I'm finding out that I've created a new habit, one I'm not so proud of, to tell you the truth: I've been hoarding chores and lists to do.

Having a very active life and mind has lead my life to many rewarding experiences. I love doing-learning new things all the time. But sometimes I add too much to my shcedule and then I end up feeling overwhelmed.

We are getting everything ready for our move to the yurt, and by then I would love to have all unresolved businesses figured out.

So I'm taking a week off from these little space on the web to tackle all the things I keep postponing. Procrastination doesn't make anyone feel good, so designing a good plan to keep things in life in order will be crucial.

I'll still be around Instagram, keeping a little visual journal, and connecting with friends through Twitter, but box Cadeau will remain quiet for the next week. Any advise in designing this master plan? I'm all ears.

See you soon!

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  1. I read some good advice recently that I found to be very helpful, which is to only make short to do lists for each day and only have 2-3 big actionable items that you're tackling. You can add other little stuff that goes along but don't overwhelm yourself on any given day because if you don't finish everything it'll end up making you feel less accomplished.

    It can also be helpful to block out your time for a day, so that you're not spending too much time on one task and end up procrastinating less (it's important to also block out breaks and force yourself to take them at the time you've set for them--if you make yourself stop working before you want to stop you'll be more excited to go back to work after your break.) but don't get too far ahead of yourself--only block out a few days (or even just one day) at a time so that if things come up you're whole schedule isn't thrown off.

    I'd say if you have a big to-do list your best bet is to split it up across a week so that it seems less overwhelming and you have a sense of organization for how you're going to tackle each thing. Then at the end of the week you'll look back and see how much you've gotten done.

    And one last thing, make sure you're to-dos are very specific. Like,
    -Weed around green house
    -Weed north corner of garden
    -Harvest all the Mint
    Versus "Get weeding done" or "clean" or anything big and vague that is hard to cross off if you haven't totally finished the task in its entirety. Crossing things off makes me feel more motivated to do more things, so if I have more smaller things to cross off it works better for me than fewer, harder to accomplish things. Does that make sense?

    Hopefully at least some of this advice will be helpful to you :)