What and Who are Box Cadeau?

Let's start with the name.

Box: a container, a package, a wrap, a bundle. 
Cadeau: It's a gift, a present, a handout, a bonus (in french).
Here, you'll mainly read and enjoy about: homesteading, outdoor adventures, Matia Zucchini (writer's 3 month old) and chicken tales. You'll also find other important characters in this story like our dogs and chickens, sweet grandpa, and Mr. O,  writer's partner in crime.

About the writer / photographer:

I'm Claudia, the dreamer of this little space in the  web I call Box Cadeau. 
I'm an artist, gardener, tree huger, climber, food maker and mama of a tiny little one. I love being outside, but enjoy the comforts that home has to offer. I'm a philosopher, and psychologist by profession. 

All these things can change as we go, except for being a mama. Originally from a big city inVenezuela, I now live in the the Pacific Northwest, in the Algerian Woods, close to a cute, little and diverse town called Bellingham.

Box Cadeu hopes to bring a new approach to living, loving and being.

I'm glad you landed here today, You are very welcome!

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