Monday, October 14, 2013

Trail treasures

Last week was one full of resting time. We all got a bit sick around here, so we focused on healing, drinking tons of tea and having lots of at home time. Yet, there's always time and energy for a good walk and this week I felt especially inspired by the change in the weather and colors around here, so morning walks were pretty frequent. I love the variety of colors and the fog in the early hours, but I mostly enjoy the treasures hidden all around. 

The mushrooms found on the side of the trail received especial attention, of course. I know nothing about these guises names or properties but I surely admire their beauty and their overall power to save the world. Check out this TED talk to understand this last statement. My hope is that you'll be amazed. But please, if you know their names, or anything about them, let me know, I'm quite curious. 

You gotta look everywhere to not miss little beautiful details of life, like this gorgeous red dragonfly.

 All shades of green everywhere, my favorite color. Eventhough I was actually expecting to see more orange and brown, the cool weather still reminded me we are approaching winter, and I love it!

It got real sunny, I'll take as much as I can while I can.

We had to make a stop for some snacking/nursing time, and of course, play at the pond. 

Textures, colors, smells and change are always a constant.

Radar came all wet from playing at the pond and shook off the water all over Matia and me!

He could do this all day, I swear.

More beautiful treasures; I love spider webs.

 Back on the trail to get home. This trail is located on the back of the property were we live, and connects with the trail from our back yard. Lovely, isn't it? Can you help me identify the mushrooms I found?
Happy Monday, everyone!


  1. Uffff!!! Aluciné con las fotos! QUe paseo más hermoso!! Es como los bosques de aquí TOTAL!!:.. :D
    QUE FINO!!!::. es hermoso todo...
    Gracias por compartirlo!! Me encantó este post!!... :)

  2. How lovely!! Your pictures are awesome, I just love your posts (L)