Monday, October 28, 2013

Along the Farmland

The other day we went on a mini road trip along the farm land, 20-40 minutes away from home. There's so many family farms around here, that have different kinds of farm practices, but one thing was for sure: it was a pretty stinky ride. You'll see why next.

Flying poop right there for you! This is something you see a lot around here: mono crops and flying poop (which I only hope is not full of other things too)... 

But even though I may disagree with some practices, I thought I'd show you what I saw. 

Beautiful hills, lots of trees (where it hasn't been clear cut. Yes, people still do that)

Heavy machinery and structures.

And beautiful nature all around,

A cute store along the way full of locally made goods, mostly organic, all delicious. It's called the Everybody's store

Past blueberry season, long lands of mono crops. Eventhough very pretty looking, I personally prefer a different use of the land, one that stimulates biodiversity

Happy to end our little trip next to the Nooksack River for a relaxing nursing time next to the water. This is what I saw along the farmland. Do you live close to a farmland too? what do you see? What kind of practices do you support?
I think is good to know who your local farmers are...


  1. Beautiful trip!!:.. Amazing flying poop! I promise, I have to check around here for my local farmers. I have to hurry, otherwise I will only see white all around!
    This is an awesome post! I loved it!:..

    1. I would love to see what goes around your area in Zurich! it would be interesting to see similarities and differences. Snow on the farmland probably looks quite gorgeous, so even then I'd love to see it!

  2. Ah the lovely poop spray. I'm glad we at least live in a community where there are a lot of folks who are interested in promoting other forms of agriculture, even if a lot of what is going on is still less sustainable it at least creates the conversation and gets people thinking about where their food comes from and how they farm. I realize it's not realistic to expect someone who makes their living doing it a certain way to change overnight, but if the demand and expectation changes it's a step in the right direction and encourages farmers to adopt different methods.

    1. Amen sister! we are on the same page about that one. I understand changes can take a while, but I agree that even though most practices are not as sustainable as we wish quite yet, things are starting to go in the right direction if we can think, dream and talk about better practices for nature, animals and the environment in general. WooO! that was a long sentence!