Saturday, November 9, 2013

Good bye Chicko - Hello G. The Gray

It may be a little late for me to tell you this, but I can't keep this to myself anymore. 

Chicko has died.

We went on a little trip to Florida to visit my family and friends, and while we were there, he disappeared. He was never late, always there, taking care of all the chicks from the coop. We were so proud of him. But one day, he never came back. 

We asume he was taken by the natural instincs of an owl, or perhaps an eagle (I doubt this was the case though, since he was really savy at divising eagles and taking the chicks to a safe spot). Either way, it's the circle of life. 

Here are some picture of Chicko. I thought you would want to see he was for real. 

A rooster with a lot of character...

...And voice.

Before Chicko's departure to his new life, we got two little chicks. 
And guess what? 
One of them turned out to be a beautiful rooster. We named him G. The Gray (G. stands for Gandalf, obviously). Bellow you see our new chicks when I first adopted them. This is an Instagram picture I took earlier in the spring. 

6 months later...

They still remain inseparable, but now G. the Gray has other responsibilities, now he must watch the flock. 
We celebrate him. 
But Chicko's picture will continue to exist in this little space on the web, to always remember him.

Bon voyage Chicko!

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  1. aw, Claaaaa!!!:. So sorry...
    I am glad the flock has a new lider, though...
    The pictures are so beautiful... beautiful animals... <3