Sunday, October 27, 2013

Domestically Challenged

The other day someone wrote me to tell me my blog looks like a commercial ad. It's true that I like to raise my vibration and empower my energy through positive imagery. In other words, I like to look at the bright side of life as much as I can, and this is my space to share that vision. But my life is no commercial ad. So here I show you a little mess I deal with daily, why not?

I've never really been the super tidy kind. I tend to leave things to clean up for the morning, and often times, there's not enough time to clean up at that time, and I'm usually ok with that, as long as I can take care of it in the next 24 hours. Not everybody could live with me. But when two of my kind get together, and they have a newborn child, oh boy, we are all in trouble.

You'll find a lot of random things on the floor, because why would we take the extra effort to pick it up, while holding a 15 lb. baby + the tray of food we are about to eat + blankets + burp cloth + etc...

And for sure our bed is never made. Is yours? I bet it is...

And clean diapers get real messy in a frenzy of changing a poopy diaper that got squeezed and is now spilling on your arm. 

On any given day, I bet you you'll find balls of dog hair (the kind you could put together and make a felted hat with) along with your glasses, next to a mug full of compostable pear left overs. Yes, it's already looking like compost itself. All on the floor for a perfect recipe for a kick disaster!
Nop! No empty sink, or empty chairs to sit on.

And well of course, a domestically challenged lady with more dog hair all over her clothes, telling you, how do you do it? how do you keep it together when you have to leave the house, and it takes you more than ever, as if you were in a scavenging hunt? How?!
I still have the hope someday I'll figure it out. Any tips for the journey?


  1. Balls of dog hair hahaha, beautiful disaster

  2. They are everywhere! I would have to vaccum every day and even then you would still see dog hair on your clothes, etc... Actually I took this pictures the day after I vaccumed.