Sunday, December 8, 2013

3 Actions to Take for a Smooth Bedtime

At least one thing I've learned so far from being a new parent. 
That is that change is the only constant.
Matia is an adorable sweet little baby, but lately he would love keeping you up every night... until 2 am. For some funny reason we can't explain, the little guy seems to know the time and right at 2 am he'll finally start to snooze. The first couple of nights were about to drive me a little crazy, since my bedtime is at 8 pm. But then I became more fond of the idea of hanging out in bed just playing hand games, or simply snuggling. 
Last week I decided to do something different and had a little photo shoot with the Zucchini. Pictures below.

Since a few days ago he changed back to an earlier schedule. These are the 3 key actions I took to help him go to bed somewhere around 9 pm:

1. Wake up around the same time everyday: Matia used to wake up with Mr. O. around 10-11 am. By then I had been awake for 3-4 hours, so of course my bed time was always earlier than his. Now we wake up around 7.

2. Keep up the engagement level: when he is awake during the day, I'm making sure he is engaged. I play with him, I sing, play my trumpet, drums and ukulele for him, we go for walks in the woods, or visit with someone. I make him feel like he's part of what's going on. And he is. So at night he is tired and ready to sleep.

3. Keep a bedtime routine: OK, here goes mine- we get Matia without clothes on a yoga mat and we play "jungle gym". Then a short but sweet bath, with a session in front of the mirror (smiles guaranteed), followed by nursing and snuggles in bed. Until he falls asleep. Sounds easy, right? Well, it's taken us a few days to figure it out, but now it has become a habit. Habits are easy once they are habits. 

 I'm aware now that this could change any minute now. I'll have to learn something new then. And I'm OK with that.

What are some things you've done to help your little one to have a smooth transition for bedtime? I bet you have a bunch.


  1. Lovely!! He's so grown! If I give birth someday, I think I'll be more ready after reading all your experiences with the zucchini. Thank you for sharing. I love you

  2. What sweet photos of your little one! We have the same "feed me" monster onesie for our baby too! My baby does not go gently into that goodnight... he loves being awake and is so curious. It frustrates him to have to go to bed... for naps or nighttime. But nursing him to sleep (bad habit or not...) works wonders :)