Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Frost is here

The Frost came one day without a warning, and all of the sudden it hit me: this year is almost over. The year ending happens every year, right? But the changes that happen in nature, will always amaze me. The warmth and cozy moist in the air from where I come from in Venezuela is a little bit different than this. I love both.

This year began for me with the announcement of baby Matia Zucchini, the biggest love I've ever experienced. 

Most of the days would go by in the garden or at the construction site. Mostly by myself, and my belly, and occasionally accompanied by Radar, Shatzi and Mr. O.

 Here I take you for a walk around the front yard on the first frost day. It was last week, and I was dying to freeze your bones with this chilly pictures.

I love seeing Radars breaths in the air. 
You know you love this time of the year as much too. Let me know in the comments. I love to hear what wonders your mind.


  1. ok, i guess i will leave this tropical paradise and come home... beautiful pics!

  2. I like being able to retreat at this time of year, summer is so full of activity it's nice to be able to be cozy inside by the fire knitting. I love that last photo, by the way, Radar is so pretty :)