Monday, November 25, 2013

Mushi in the backyard

 Hello dear mushroom lovers. I got to tell you about a recent fever I've been developing for the past year. It has to do with mushrooms. I had no idea about kinds, or names and properties, but I surely loved the flavors. Last year I started growing edible mushrooms at home, and that's where it all began...

I'll tell you more about that story another time, but today I just wanted to show you the mushrooms I've found all around the property where we live. It makes me feel so amazing to know that underneath the ground I step on, there's a whole net of mycelium that is way more diverse than I could imagine.

Here's just a handful of mushrooms I found. Please, help me identify the ones I haven't yet. My curiosity can no longer wait. I'll love you forever for that.

I  also love being a member of the Pacific Northwest Mushroom Identification and Information forum, since they've actually helped me identify some of the ones you'll see here.

Also check out the resources at the end of this post for further information on mushroom identification.

 These are a sort of Coral mushroom. Edible with laxative effects.

Oyster mushroom. Ate it for dinner (and dreamed about mushrooms all night).

Not sure what this one is called. Would you help me find out? 

What about these ones?

Turkey Tail

 Orange Peel mushroom

Inky Caps. You can actually use the ink for dying. 

Questionable Stropharia, Stropharia Ambigua.

I've been having a real hard time with these ones (above and bellow). Would you say they are the same kind? And what kind is that exactly? honey mushrooms? Not sure...

That's all for now.
I used this book to help me out with this little project. Very helpful check them out.

Disclosure: Although this post may contain affiliate links, I truly believe in the things I recommend to you to try. 

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  1. AMAZING!! I Love all of them!!:..
    Amazing project! This is like a parallel universe! It´s beautiful! I wish I knew more about them, but I know ZERO!:.. jajaja
    I enjoyed this post immensely!!