Monday, April 1, 2013

Box Cadeau

In an attempt to write an amazing first blog post, I find myself a bit awkward, self centered and super silly. Kinda like when you have a crush on someone you've just met and want to express everything you are, be as authentic as you can and at the same time wanting to show your most beautiful and positive side. It's a complete recipe for awkwardness! at least in my case...

So I'm ditching out all kinds of expectations, and the need of showing off the pretty side, and instead focus on having so-much-fun. Also, the need for perfection (read: pure-fiction) and trying too hard will go out the window.

Box Cadeau is a gift to you that comes wrapped in the box of my life and what I love and learn about it. That box will come full of food, out of the main stream experiences, magic found in nature and more. You'll frequently find other important characters in this story, like my dogs, my chicks, and my partner in crime: Mr.O.

P.S: Pardon the huge crazy chicken face. She desperately requested to appear as the highlight in the debut of this blog. You can't blame her for wanting a little bit of spotlight, can you?

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